What is a Neso?

Short for "Nesoberi", a Neso is a plush toy of a character in a "lying down" position, with legs back and arms forward. If a Neso had strong and swole (extra-stuffed) arms, then it can be described as being in a plank position because it has definitely been hitting the gym and can't waste a single second not working out.

What sizes do Nesos come in?

Nesos typically come in one of six sizes: Key Chain Mascot (KCM), Normal (NNN), Medium (M), Jumbo (HJNN), Extra-Large (LL), and Tera (TJNN). This means that there is a right-sized Neso for everyone in every occasion. General recommendations for hugging: medium for children, jumbo for adults, extra-large for anyone over six feet tall, and tera for hugging in bed.

Where do nesos come from?

The stork carries these innocent little babies to our front door by the crate load from Japan. They come seeking a better life here in the Land of the Free. Please show them what the Land of Opportunity is all about.

Are all your nesos real?

As neso guardians, we guarantee their authenticity.

Do you have (Insert Name) neso?

If they're not listed, they're currently not resting here in our house. However, if you contact us about it, we can look into convincing one that hasn't crossed the ocean to make the trip. We'll even let you know how much their trip would cost.

When will (Insert Name) neso arrive?

When they're born and matured about a month. Our Facebook page will keep you all updated on new and upcoming Nesos.

Do you ship outside the US?

We can ship outside the US, Canada, UK, and EU on special orders only. Please contact us for details. FREE SHIPPING DOES NOT APPLY INTERNATIONALLY. Send us an e-mail with your country and a list of nesos you would like to order for a quote.

I ordered a neso when will it arrive?

We strive to send our nesos out to their new homes as soon as possible, typically within 2-3 business days. There will be times when our warehouse will be backlogged, so there can be delays in sending them out.

Why are nesos so adorable?

Science has yet to explain this miracle of the universe. We can only assume that some intelligent creator put them in this universe for us to love and adore and feed and water and hug and kiss and love forever.

Are you a neso?




How do I give my neso a bath?

How to give me a neso spin? A few simple steps:

  1. Put me inside a pillow case and wash in a washing machine.
  2. Squeeze the water out of me through the pillow case. DO NOT WRING ME. Wringing hurts a lot and can often injure us.
  3. Take me out of the pillow case and into a black trash bag to prevent color fading. Leave the mouth of the bag open so I don't suffocate.
  4. Hang the bag from a clothes line using clothespins, securing me through the bag by my arms. Make sure that the mouth of the bag is open and facing down so any leftover water drips out.
  5. Be patient and let me air dry.

We don't mind getting dirty, but we do like being clean!

If you feel that machines might hurt us, you can always give us a bath!


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